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Wrist Flexion with a Therapy Band

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Arms Wrist Strengthening Therapy Band

These exercises should only be performed after evaluation by a qualified medical professional and under their instruction. Should you experience pain or discomfort while doing an exercise, stop immediately.

Wrist Flexion with a Therapy Band

Secure one end of a therapy band around your right foot. Securely grasp the therapy band handle in your right hand.

Sit comfortably in an upright position on the edge of a chair. You're leaning forward slightly at the waist. Your weight is supported by your left hand on your left thigh. Your right forearm is placed along your right thigh. Your right wrist is over your right knee, your wrist is in neutral position, and your palm is facing up.

Next, bend your palm upward at your right wrist [this is flexion]. You'll feel the muscular contraction along the top of your right forearm. Relax and return to the starting position.