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20311 SW Birch St. Suite 150 Newport Beach, CA 92660

True Custom, Biomechanical Foot Comfort & Function:

Sole Supports, from Back to Basics Health and Wellness provide the finest functional/accomodative custom foot orthoses available anywhere.  Healthy, functional feet are literally the foundation for a healthy body and an active life.  Sole supports' custom orthotics lab is serious about doing the research and making changes to the design as needed, to offer the most effective foot support for all kinds of feet and lifestyles. 

Each custom cast is thouroughly inspected when it arrives at the lab before anything is created.  When a perfect cast has been submitted, the resulting orthotic will provide full contact with the arch with enough rigidity to change the posture of the foot in a weight bearing position.  It is for this reason that only professionally trained and certified casting technicians at Back to Basics Health and Wellness can perfectly capture the correct position of the patients foot. 

Sole Supports use an expensive high-density polyethylene plastic for the orthotic shells because it offers the right mix of flexibility and rigidity, in addition to providing excellent shape memory.  They are also the only lab that actually calibrates shell flexibility, custom for each patient, based on their body weight, foot flexibility and activity level. 

Select Conditions that Benefit from Custom Orthotics:


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