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Chiropractic Saves Lives...

By: By Dr. Charles Majors

Chiropractic Saves Lives

By Dr. Charles Majors

Years ago, while performing autopsies to find the cause of death, coroners would find tissue discoloration, little bumps, and huge lumps in the area of disease. They weren't sure what they were seeing because, at the time, science had no clue what it was. Then finally, after years of research, they realized that what they had been seeing all this time was Cancer. At the time, they had no clue what it was but they knew once someone had it, it would eventually kill them.

What if people stopped doing research and never developed another drug or medical procedure? You would be very upset if the same procedures doctors used 100 years ago were still being used on you. Medical advancements are happening every day.

In 1923 Henry Winsor M.D. wanted to see if there was a correlation between a misaligned spine and disease. He did an autopsy on hundreds of bodies. He found out that when a person died of stomach disease they also had a misalignment in the area of the spine that controlled the stomach. When he did an autopsy on all the people who died of heart disease, again he found a misalignment in the area of the spine that controlled the heart.

Again and again every one of the deaths were linked back to a misalignment in the same area of the spine effecting nerves that controlled that organ. They weren't sure how to correct it, but they knew a misaligned spine would eventually lead to an early death. Today, there are hundreds of pieces of medical research show the same evidence.

So what did the medical experts do with the research? Nothing yet! They are still studying it and still performing their own clinical trials.

If I cut the nerves to your stomach, what would happen? It would stop functioning! If I cut the nerves to your heart, what would happen? It would stop functioning! So what flows through these nerves? Henry Windsor M.D. and you can now answer that question.

It's life that flows through these nerves. Research done within the medical industry has found that loss or increase of spinal curves, as mentioned above, increase mortality (speed up death).(l) Spinal conditions such as these, or what is really spinal disease, have a mortality rate of 15% and take up to 14 years off of your life if left uncorrected.(2)

Do you want to wait 25 or 50 more years for the rest of the research to come in or do you want to do what makes logical sense?

Every week, millions of people around the world get adjusted. Millions of lives have been saved by Chiropractic. Who are you going to save next?

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