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I enjoy a life that I thought was over...

By: Diane Mc

God sent His angels

In 2009, I received a neck and back injury at work. Little did I know what the next 14 months would bring. 1 went from a happy, fun loving person who enjoyed fishing,  riding our motorcycle and playing with my grandchildren to an unhappy, pain racked, pill popping grouch. After physical therapy, hydrotherapy and massage therapy failed, X rays, C T scans, M R 1, and many doses of different along with bone spurs and bulging disc in my lower back. The diagnosis of these disorders lead to 18 months of changing, increasing doses of pain medicines that turned me into zombie who wanted
nothing more than to be left alone in my misery.

My journey with medicine began with Hydrocodone APAP 5 every 6 hours, and increased to 10/500 every 4 -6 hours, when this failed we added alieve every fours P R N. When this combination failed to control my " discomfort",  I began my journey with neurologist, neurosurgeons, and rheumatologist. This led me to new scans with more contrast that found new problems which led to nerve and muscle conduction studies. I survived being shocked, then having needles placed in all the muscles from my feet up to my shoulders then down to my fingers. This was not conclusive and gave no reason for the numbness in my hands and feet; it did however rule out carpal tunnel. Also ruled out was M. S. suspected when one of the scans found spots on my spine and brain.

In the midst of all of this, I developed severe abdominal pains with nausea, this led to a CT which led to a Hyda scan, more contrast, that discovered my gall bladder was bad leading to gallbladder surgery.

In all my visits to a total of 8 different physicians, all discouraged chiropractors stating that they would possibly make matters worse. I spent thousands of dollars, endured tortuous tests, multiple narcotics and in the end, nothing had changed.

-.. My journey was at a standstill, my thoughts often drifted to just taking enough medicine to stop the pain I was enduring and the stress and disruption of the life my family was forced to endure.

After another doctor's appointment, my husband and I went to a Chinese restaurant. While at the food bar my husband noticed a lady wearing a badge with a chiropractor's name on it. He asked some general questions and was given a coupon for a free visit. Since I had been "warned" about the damage that could be done, I was anything but thrilled. After several weeks of encouragement from my husband, I reluctantly made an appointment with Dr. Alicia. Armed with all my X rays, M R I and other scans, we sat down and reviewed all the results. We then took an additional X ray of my neck, one that no one else had taken. After looking at my neck and spine, she explained the problems with my arc of life as well as the twisting of my spine. She listened to my fears, explained her plan of care. She let me know up front that this was not a quick fix, that treatment had to be slow and gentle to prevent problems. With a great deal of fear, yet total confidence in Dr. Alicia, I had my first adjustment. That was over a year ago.

Today I fish with my husband, dress myself, play with my grandchildren and enjoy a life that I thought was over. I have started back knitting and sewing and we are getting ready to go on a two month long fishing trip in our camper. If God had not sent His angel to eat Chinese food or sent an angel whose hands were guided by Him, I would not be here to enjoy the life that has been given back to me.


Hydrocodone APAP dose increased to 10/500 every 6 hours, Alieve I -2 tabs twice a day, Oxycotin Twice aday, Morphine 5 mg every 6 hours-increased to MS contin (long acting morphine )30mg twice a day with Mor-phine immediate release every 12 hours as needed, Lexapro IOmg daily, Gabapentin IOOmg twice daily increased to 300mg three times a day, Two other pain meds I can't remember.

After adjustments with Dr. Alicia, I take Tylenol pm at bedtime, and occasionally take Alieve as needed when the pain is severe (after working in my flower garden or overdoing things).

Diane Mc


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