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I feel compelled to spread the words....

By: Larry C

I am a 57 year old Navy retiree. ! have had 8 by passes at age 47 after a heart attack. At age 48  I had a 2nd  heart attack and had to have 2 stents operations. Two years ago, I had a mini stroke; then about a year ago, I woke up one morning, my left ear was plugged up and I couldn't hear anything. I went to my ENT doctor; he told me I had lost 85% of my hearing on my left ear after running some tests. He prescribed me to have a hearing aid fitted. By this time, I had also lost 75% of my right ear as well. They could not offer me any explanations as why I lost my hearing so suddenly.

In the meantime, my daughter had been troubled by TMJ for about 3 years and finally went to seek help from Dr. Alicia Farrell after seeing numerous specialists to no avail. Dr. Alicia was able to improve her condition after first adjustment. We were absolutely ecstatic! After being educated about the benefit of Chiropractic care by Dr. Alicia, we decided to sign up the whole family to be adjusted 3 times a week. Unbeknown to me, after the first adjustment, my hearing on my right ear was slowly coming back. By the third adjustment, the hearing in my right ear had returned to normal. My ENT doctors could not explain it but were ecstatic of my outcome. Because of the hearing loss, I was also diagnosed with Meniere’s Disease (it's an advance vertigo type symptom, which is very debilitating) It will come upon mewith no warning, It has gotten to a point where I will at least one dizzy spell per day, the only thing I can do is to lay down until it past. I was told there is no known cure. I just have to live with it. I brought this to Dr. Alicia's attention, she was able to treat me and now I no longer have any dizzy spells.

I am amazed and grateful that Chiropractic can help me in so many ways. I feel compelled to spread the words so many more others who suffer the same can benefit and have better quality of life. Today, I am feeling stronger, feeling younger, consequently; I am currently off my heart and high blood pressure meds with my doctor's supervision. I have been under Dr. Alicia's care since March, I actually feel more energetic than ever and I owe it all to the Chiropractic care.

Sincerely, Larry C


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