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I realized God wanted me to go but I was unsure of why or what plan he had for me...

By: Patient

Dr. Alicia & Dr. Amanda,

When I received the first email about the Biggest Winner challenge I felt a small tug in
my heart.
So I just left it in my inbox because with everything else going on I felt like I did not
have time to deal with it. Throughout the week that followed when I would have down time the
email would come to my mind. Then on January 3
rd my mom actually handed me a flyer for it
and I was shocked. I realized God wanted me to go but I was unsure of why or what plan he had
for me.
When I walked into the first meeting on January 5th honestly it was the last place I
wanted to be. I hadn't slept in over twenty-four hours, emotionally exhausted, and hurting. As I
listened to you speak I felt energized and God showed me the very reason I was supposed to be
The first three weeks of deployment are the hardest and the Biggest Winner challenge was
the same amount of time.
God had sent me to it to show me that I wasn't alone and that I needed

The past three weeks have been miraculous for me. I have dieted all of my life and they
never worked.
What you have showed me is that lifestyle changes are what work. When I
stepped on the scale this morning and saw that I had lost over 5% of my body weight I was
floored. I have also learned that exercise is not my enemy it actually is a lot of fun. My gains
these past three weeks far outweigh my losses.
I have gained a stronger understanding of my
health and I am taking ownership of it.
I have gained a deeper relationship with God. The biggest
gain was a positive self-attitude. I have always been very critical and mean to myself.
In the
beginning it was hard to be positive but now it is automatic. When I stood in front of the mirror
this mor
ning the first thought that popped into my head was "you are awesome". I realized then
how far I have truly come these past few weeks.

I just wanted to thank both of you for everything you have done. For being there for me
when I needed to talk and times when I needed encouragement.
I would not have made it through
these past three weeks without you. What I have learned will not stop once t
he challenge comes
to an end. I am turning my body into the temple it was meant to be.

Thank you for everything,


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