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I will share with you how Lupus affects me...

By: Patricia H.

The best way for me to tell you how far I have come is to tell you were I have been. I will share with you how Lupus affects me. I was diagnosed 17 years ago within two months of having my second child. And for the first 4 years I couldn't do anything. Not even take care of the girls like I should. Then I went into remission and only had minor flares here and there. I always had pain, kind of a constant ache. Then about 2 years ago I started having heart issues. I was having palpatations a lot. I passed out once with a heart rate of over 200. I also have had a few mini strokes. Very scary. My body went into a full blown Lupus flare. Do you know that feeling after a workout and your body is so sore you can hardly move. There has been numerous days when I have had to have someone help me dress, help me shower, and now and then they even had to help me feed myself. That is how feel on most days. I have gotten used to the pain for the most part. But I also have a lot of fogginess. And what I call checking out. I can hear everything that is going on I just can't comprehend it and respond. I started coming to see you in Nov. 2011 and since then I only have maybe one really bad day about every 3 weeks. I am still ache all the time but I can move and walk. I never thought I would be so happy to be able to wash clothes and cook again for my family. The simple task of cutting and chopping really take is out of my arms and makes them feel very heavy and weak.

Gulf Coast Chiropractic has helped me and my family a lot. My daughter used to have headaches all the time and now rarely has them. We have a long way to go but the progress that we together have started is phenomenal. You all have taught us the fundamentals of nutrition and exercise.

I am able to walk around more, shop without using a scooter and am able to drive at times were I was not able to 6 months ago. I really feel that I am gaining some independence back has really improved my moral. I used to suffer from depression but I feel that lifting more and more each day.

I cannot thank GCFC enough for everything you have done for us. You make us feel like a part of your family and not a cold doctor's office. We look forward to our continued treatment.


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