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Get Relief at Your Chiropractic Clinic in Killeen

Your chiropractic clinic in Killeen can offer you relief from a variety of ailments and health conditions. Chiropractic isn't just for back pain treatments or neck pain treatments anymore, though we can certainly provide you with those if that is what you require. We take a holistic approach to health, and give you true healing for a wide variety of things, much more than you might imagine. And, we do it all without drugs or surgery. Whether you are looking for pain relief or intensive healing from other health conditions, our chiropractor in Killeen is here to assist you.

services offered by our chiropractic clinic in killeen, tx

Services We Offer

We offer many different services here at your chiropractor in Killeen TX. These are some of the most used and requested ones.


We offer a full range of diagnostic services here at Isdale Chiropractic Clinic. With technologies available in our offices such as x-rays and ultrasound, we can find the underlying issue to the cause of your problems. Using your stated medical history in conjunction with our diagnostic methods, we can get a pretty good idea of where your problem really lies, and what to do about it. All of our diagnostic methods are friendly, painless, and suitable for anyone of any age. We even treat children and the elderly, so your whole family can get true healing with us.

Spinal Adjustments

We do traditional chiropractic spinal adjustments here which are excellent for relieving pain, and for resolving many other chronic health conditions. When you get your spine in proper alignment, you will be amazed at the positive difference it makes in your health and how you feel.

Besides traditional chiropractic adjustments, we also offer spinal decompression. This is a gentle and effective technique for healing bulging or herniated disks without surgery or using drugs to mask the pain. Ask about it if you feel you could benefit from this unique and effective treatment.


Acupuncture is a part of the chiropractic care in Killeen we offer. It is an effective pain reliever without the use of drugs to naturally relax tense or sore muscles and increase flexibility. We may use other techniques along with acupuncture to make it even more suitable to your particular case, such as electrical muscle stimulation to relieve muscle spasms and relax trigger points, and the application of heat and cold to relax muscles, reduce swelling and pain, and improve range of motion.

Physical Therapy

We can offer you physical therapy in the form of rehabilitative exercises to restore flexibility and strength to your joints. This helps you heal faster, as well as maintain a better posture, so your spine stays in alignment. It is also a good method to use along with traditional alignments to relieve sciatica pain. In addition to our physical therapy services, we also offer you nutritional counseling, to help keep your body and mind as nourished as possible, so they both stay in tip top condition at all times. When you give your body what it needs, healing comes naturally.

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Patient Testimonials

The best chiropractic office in town! You can’t beat a family-owned and operated business that’s been around for over 60 years. I know my health and well-being are in the best hands at Isdale Chiropractic!

- Sylar S. (via Google)

Genuine care. Everyone here at Isdale is above and beyond Professional and what health care should be. Thank you for your always excellent care.

- Robin P. (via Facebook)

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