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Millar Chiropractic - Huntsville AL (Jones Valley):Reviews

35 reviews
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Bobby Light
2 weeks ago
The doctors here are really amazing. I started seeing them on a recommendation from a friend and it turned out to be a great one.
I thought to myself I'll give it one or two sessions and then I'll forget about ...
Nikki Dudley
4 months ago
I have been seeing Dr Jessica for several months now and she is a great chiropractor. She has helped ease my pain tremendously and I like the methods she uses to make adjustments. The staff is the most friendly folks you will ever meet ...More
Lynsey Leslie
2 weeks ago
Dr. Jess is amazing and compassionate! She cares about what she does and her patients. The entire staff at Millar Chiropractic is amazing. Highly recommend!
Bill Johnson
in the last week
Millar Chiropractic has hands down the best doctors around. They have helped me in so many ways and I feel 100% better now that I have been seeing these guys for a few months.
Response from the ownerin the last week
Thank You
Nicole Lewis
5 months ago
I have struggled with back problems for over a decade and have gone through surgery, physical therapy and I have seen several different chiropractors. The staff at Millar Chiropractic in Jones Valley have been OUTSTANDING! I began ...More
Ryan Gott
3 months ago
Dr. Jessica is fantastic! She is very knowledgeable, friendly, and kind. The staff creates a very welcoming environment and really care about each patient that comes in. I have felt comfortable there since my first day, and I have been coming back for two years now. Dr. Jessica has kept me healthy and feeling good!
Emily Sadler
3 months ago
I always look forward to seeing all the sweet ladies at this office! Dr. Jessica has helped me immensely with upper-mid back pain! Not only does she adjust accordingly, but suggested more natural remedies to help as well. I would highly recommend Dr. Jessica and staff!!
Laci Gambill
5 months ago
Dr. Jessica and the staff at Millar Chiropractic are terrific. They are very nice, attentive, and knowledgeable. They really care about your well being, and they go out of their way to try to alleviate your chiropractic issues. I highly recommend them!
Response from the ownera year ago
Thanks. We strive for Chiropractic Excellence we're not perfect but we try for excellence. A big part of that excellence is our amazing staff. Thank you for your kind words. 
9 months ago
Millar Chiropractic at Jones Valley has helped improve my quality of life so much. ...More
Amanda Chastain
3 months ago
I love going to this office. They are friendly and understanding to your needs. Dr Jessica and her staff have helped me tremendously
Scott Petty
2 months ago
Dr. Jessica is so kind! She cares about her patients and gives great care! Her staff is a joy.
tiffany dye
9 months ago
I was having really bad back spasms and was referred to Millar chiropractic. I am so glad that I went! They are so sweet and patient with me. The next day I had zero spasms and did everything they told me to do for the weekend. A week ...More
Crystal Watts
5 months ago
I have been going here for years. The staff are incredible and Dr Jessica is very good at what she does! My body does so much better with her regular adjustments. I would highly recommend Dr Jessica !!!
Eula Pugh
9 months ago
I have been going for about a month. I've had great improvements with my body. One of the ways is being able to sleep through the night without any pain. He is thoroughly, I could not have found a better chiropractor. Also, the staff is wonderful.
5 months ago
Dr Jessica and her staff are amazing. They are very welcoming and warm, they genuinely care, and they will get your body straightened out.
Laurie Maxson - Personal -Business Coach
10 months ago
Dr Dana is amazing! I have been to chiropractors all my life and he is very cautious and finds all the sore spots and fixes the "cause". He spends time making sure your body is working like it should. I have had issues with my atlas ...More
Jeremy Turner
2 months ago
Great staff! Would recommend to anyone
Elizabeth Broadway
3 months ago
Dr. Jessica has an amazing staff! They treat their patients like family!
daphene cooke
10 months ago-
Absolutely love the whole staff!! Dr. Dana is an awesome doctor who not only wants to take care of your aches and pains, but also enjoys sharing his knowledge along the way. I have sat in on his spinal class, and learned a ...More
5 months ago
Roses are red
Violets are blue
Dr. Jessica and the staff is great ...