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Focused on the whole person  
Omni focuses on the whole person – not just on your physical symptoms but also on the psychological, lifestyle, and family context in which you live and work
Broadest Possible Wellness Perspective
Omni offers the broadest wellness perspective possible – drawing from many traditions in both Western and Eastern medicine, as well as the mental health, bodywork, and lifestyle disciplines
Professional and Personal Care
Omni provides care that is professional but also personal – you are always more than just a number at Omni – we provide a customized treatment plan that takes account of your unique needs and situation– you get to know your practitioner and they know you

Truly Integrative Approach
Our approach is truly integrative – we address the root causes, not just your symptoms, and we inform you of the many treatment options available within our integrative group of practitioners
Work With A Healing Team
You benefit from working with a healing team – for many patients, treatment involves collaboration between practitioners from different healing modalities, e.g., between a chiropractor and a massage therapist or acupuncturist
Diverse Range Of Specialties
The Omni team consists of 14 practitioners with mature practices, most with 10+ years experience in their field. Collaborating under one umbrella to provide care for you, they have the experience to identify and address most ailments under a single umbrella.
A Reliable Sounding Board For Your Health Concerns
Omni can be a good place for that second or third opinion you’re looking for.The Omni team prides itself on being a mature sounding board for you on your path to health. Use our experience to help decide on a course of action when you’re considering a variety of medical options. We draw on our work with a wide pool of patients who’ve had similar conditions and ailments to help you settle on a treatment plan combining both complementary and traditional modalities.
Adjunct To Your Medical Treatments
For more serious conditions that patients are already receiving medical treatments for, Omni, as a holistic non invasive center, is a great place to work with in conjunction with your medical treatment to make your body and mind more comfortable
Network Of Trusted Medical Resources
We’re NOT just Omni – we have a network of trusted medical resources we routinely refer our patients to.  
Promoting Wellness As A Lifestyle Choice
We’re about promoting wellness as a lifestyle choice, NOT just about addressing illness; you come to Omni not just when you’re sick or have a problem to be fixed, but as part of a commitment to health
Teaching You How To Stay Well In The Long Term
As a Wellness center, Omni is about teaching you how to stay well in the long-term, because you realize healthy living is far more cost-effective in the long run, so you work with us to keep up your health and take preventive steps and not wait until you’re sick to come to us
On-Going Wellness Support And Education
We provide you with the ongoing wellness support and education you need to live a healthy lifestyle

BOTTOM LINE – We practice the old principle of Chinese medicine – that the doctor’s job is to help you live a healthy lifestyle, help you stay well, and support your day-to-day well-being.